royal on freedom
Annual concert in the Marble Canyon of Karelia
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"Your choice today determines your future"
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"Trust your creative nature"
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"Go to your heights"
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The driving impulse for creating projects is our love of each other, life and creativity. We with Oksana Andreeva, my wife, are in the same direction of feelings for life. She's an artist (, I'm a musician. Our union began to give birth to grand piano projects in nature, which represent the interaction of a man and a woman, nature and the spirit of creativity, freedom of imagination and will to exercise.

Royal* is identical with life. People are accustomed to seeing life from the childhood in a limited way, within the framework dictated by society. But the illusion of "correctness" contradicts our feelings and desires of the heart.

Royal on freedom is a clear formula expressing the essence and simple philosophy of our life.

Royal on freedom - it's our choice to live without boundaries, in the flow of love, contemplation and creativity.

*A grand piano in Russian is called "Рояль", which means "Royal".


Pavel Andreev
Oksana Andreeva