St Petersburg musician Pavel Andreev staged an unusual performance to draw attention to global pollution problems.
For a project called 'Breath of the Planet,' a grand piano was installed in the middle of a landfill in Russia's northern Leningrad region.

Mr Andreev spent six hours at the site surrounded by the stench of tonnes of garbage and cries of thousands of seagulls.
In a video clip posted on social media, Andreev played his own composition against the backdrop.

Petersburg musician Pavel Andreev played the piano for the second time, installed on a raft in the middle of the lake in Ruskeala. The culmination of the evening show was fireworks.
This time - with evening lights and fireworks
Petersburg musician Pavel Andreev again played his works on the piano in the middle of the Marble Canyon in Karelia. This time the pianist played after the closing of the Ruskeala Mountain Park.
The main goal that the spouses set themselves by the project "Royale in the Dump" is to induce each person to realize and solve the global problem of an excess of garbage, plastic, pollution of nature, starting with oneself:
Petersburg pianist Pavel Andreev, famous for playing the piano right in the middle of a Karelian lake, launched a new social project. This time, his concert will take place at a solid waste landfill.
The incredible shooting from the Mountain of Composers (this is the name of this place) has become a new part of a large project called #pianofreedom. The musician invented it together with his wife.
Karelian snows and the "mountain of composers" were featured in a video that St. Petersburg musician Pavel Andreev published on his YouTube channel. The video for the composition "Music of the Spheres" was filmed in the Sortavala region.
Composer Pavel Andreev presented his new composition "Music of the Spheres" on a mountain in Karelia. The shooting of the video was a real special operation involving a helicopter.
Pianist Pavel Andreev is experimenting again and creating a keyboard instrument that will sound like a whole orchestra.
An amazing video called "Awakening" has appeared on one of the social networks.
Pavel Andreev performs compositions of his own composition on the piano in the middle of the Marble Canyon in Karelia.
To launch a musical instrument weighing 250 kilograms, a construction crane was needed ...
The hands of the pianist Pavel Andreev, in principle, do not care where to give birth to something new.