Royal in Canyon

Annual concert
in the Marble Canyon of Karelia

Royal in canyon. Sinergy. 2021 г.


The program included the music of the composer and pianist Pavel Andreev. The concert was attended by soloists and artists of the Mariinsky Theater:
Andrey Prokazin (violin),
Ivan Sendetsky (cello),
Andrey Bezruchko (clarinet),
Dilyara Tazieva (flute).

1. Melody of a Dream, 2. Two Hearts, 3. Morning, 4. Water, 5. Fire, 6. Spirit of Creativity, 7. Dance of Life, 8. Rain, 9. Breath of the Planet, 10. Order and Chaos, 11. Awakening 12 . 1.2.3 (ensemble), 17. Alchemical union (ensemble), 18. Ruskeala (ensemble)
The authors of the Royal in canyon project
Pavel Andreev and Oksana Andreeva

Concert organizer
Ruskeala Mountain Park

Concert partners
Travel agency ScanTour
Piano salon C. Bechstein
Russian Railways

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Event search service KudaGo
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About concerts

Every year Pavel Andreev returns with a concert to the Ruskeala Mountain Park to present his music to thousands of listeners in the unique atmosphere of the Marble Canyon.

Once a year, the grand piano is lowered into the water. Then Pavel opens to listeners a rich world of sounds and feelings of his music. In the dark, a fabulous illumination is lit up and nature is immersed in the magic of creativity.

Royal in canyon 3. New time. 2020

Amazing concert took place in the Ruskeala Mountain Park on September 5th. The music of Pavel Andreev and the magic voice of Andrei Prokazin's violin sounded in the natural scenery of the Marble Canyon

"New time opens up a new outlook on life, on man and nature.
World events push a person to listen more and more to his inner world, to the needs of his soul, to open his heart… To move into a new and unknown, discover the flow of your creativity on Earth.
" Pavel Andreev.

Pavel's compositions from the albums "Awakening", "Synergy", "Dance of Life" and the new album "New Time" sounded for you at the concert.

The author of the violin parts of the compositions "Alone on the Raft", parts 2 and 3 and 4 of Fantasies in A Minor and the Singing Bowl is Andrei Prokazin.

1. Kalimba
2. Source
3. Underground Kingdom
4. Liberation
5. Waiting hall
6. Great Battle
7. New time
8. Singing bowl (Duet)
9. Alone on the raft (Duet)
10. Fantasy a moll (Duet)
11. Waltz (Duet)
12. Two Hearts
13. Prayer
14. Alchemical Union
15. Breath of the Planet
16. Order and Chaos
17. Awakening
18. Reboot
19. Ascension (Duet)


Creators of the Grand Piano concert in the canyon

Authors of the Royal in canyon project: Pavel and Oksana Andreevs

Concert organizer: Ruskeala Mountain Park

Concert partners: Salon Bechstein, Russian Railways, ScanTour, FullFarsh

Royal in canyon. Dance of life. 2019

The weather is wonderful. 3000 spectators. An incredibly beautiful evening.

We thank Heaven! We thank partners, Mountain Park Ruskeala, Salon Bechstein, Andrey Prokazin and his magic violin, all the friends who supported us, and of course the Spectators- for their attention and warmth, which came with applause and ovation!

Nature. Evening. Silence. The glow of the rocks. Piano. Music.

Compositions from my new album Dance of Life sounded for you.

A violin sounded in the canyon that evening also. Andrei Prokazin, a violinist of the Mariinsky Theater, performed with me .

Royal in canyon. Return. 2018

In 2018 my first concert Royal in canyon. Return took place.

Royal in canyon. Awakening

A year earlier the project Royal in canyon was born and it initiated a series of projects Royal on Freedom.
Concert organizers
Concert partner