Musical Portrait
One of the most extraordinary gifts
The soul of each person is like a concert grand piano that sounds in a unique way. I express this sound with the sounds of music. And I create a musical portrait on the piano.

Each musical composition is unique, like the person himself.

Give a musical gift
- to a loved one
- for a wedding for newlyweds
- for a birthday
- to the head of the company
- a gift for any occasion
- a gift to yourself

Listen to the portraits created
  • Pavel, thanks again! It was a very pleasant and interesting experiment for me. Music is a solid part of life, no, I don't play, I listen and live through it. Your portrait has become a new leitmotif, I want to live and match! Friends said that there are many similarities, and this is on condition that we do not know each other at all. And for me the portrait is also like a thread of a new direction of the path! A look into the future! Thanks!
    Daria Minakova
  • Pavel, I am very grateful for your creativity!
    It's a delightful idea to create musical portraits that bring a lot of emotion - one that words can't convey! I ordered portraits as a gift to loved ones, and they were amazed at how harmoniously and in tune you were able to pick up the keys to their souls, the portraits responded very much!
    Thank you very much! and huge creative successes !!
    Tatiana Pokrovskaya
  • Paul! Thank you so much for your idea - creating a musical portrait! We are virtual friends and it is new for me that according to my memories, descriptions of life situations, you so subtly felt my Soul. This is my first time for a composer to paint my musical portrait. Thanks to the Internet!
    Надежда Стаховская
  • Music for me
    it is a dialogue with the inner self.
    Pavel, you gave me another opportunity to talk to myself. New facets have opened, even amazing ones. But they are all mine, yes. :)) I always try to memorize or write down music that resonates with the soul. There is not much of it ... Thank you for this composition, for another part of me that I am now familiar with. :)
    Natalia Filatova
Pavel Andreev
Composer, pianist, author of the Royal in Canyon project. Creator of musical portraits.
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Process of creation
If you want to surprise a friend, a loved one, then you need photographs and a description of the person's interests, what he enjoys, what he likes, his character traits.

If you are making a gift for yourself, then tell us about yourself, what fascinates you in life, what you like, what you feel in relation to life.

First, together with you, we compose an artistic image of the person to whom you are giving a gift.
After meeting me, music is born. I am creating a composition.
Design options:

Decoration in the form of a gift flash drive
1. Metal flash drive (silver, gold) with engraved initials of the name
2. Gift card with a photo. A USB stick is glued inside. And inside you can write congratulatory words.

Video recording of my performance of the portrait on the piano
My gift performance in video format

Performing a portrait in the Concert Hall on a concert grand piano
Performing in a concert hall, when your friend personally is present and listens to a gift in my performance.

Painting portrait
Additionally: painting a painted portrait in oil (live, or from a photograph) by the artist Oksana Andreeva-Petrova. A painterly portrait is attached to a musical portrait.
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An example of video performance

Musical portrait of Sergei. Elena from the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky ordered a musical gift for her man. For several days we collected information, Elena shared with me her impressions and feelings about Sergei, so that I could live them through music and capture them in the Musical Portrait. Elena chose the option: 4 minutes, decoration in the form of a gift silver flash drive and my video performance of the portrait.
An example of performance in a concert hall

Musical portrait of Anton and Irina, performed by me in the concert hall. In addition to the decoration in the form of a gift card and a flash drive, I perform a portrait in a concert hall, when the person to whom you are giving the musical portrait is personally present in the hall and I perform a gift for him personally.
The musical composition is sent by mail as an audio file in WAV and MP3 formats

Delivery of a gift flash drive, a picturesque portrait in Saint-Petersburg by agreement.

If you live in another city, then delivery is carried out by courier service at the expense of the recipient.
The cost of a musical portrait

▸ 2 мин.* 200€
▸ 3 мин. 300€
▸ 4 мин. 400€

* the duration of the musical composition. The longer the composition, the more traits of a person's character are combined in the music.

▸ Decor 30€

▸ Video recording of the performance of the portrait 200€

▸ Execution of a portrait in a concert hall 400€

The cost of a painting portrait
Canvas, oil
▸ 20см×20см 200€
▸ 50см×70см 400€

Classic kit:
Portrait 3 min.,
Postcard with a USB key,
Video execution of a portrait
Price: 530€
Terms of creation
The term for creating a portrait is up to 7 days.
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For questions about creating a portrait, please call / whatsapp 8 911 926 61 36
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