"go to your heights"
Music spheres
Sometimes in walks we find ourselves in unexpectedly beautiful places. We learned that there is a Mountain of Composers in Karelia.

From the top of which a beautiful view opens. Once there, we were visited by the idea of creating another clip. In the snow, right on the Mountain of Composers.

Music and winter nature are united in creativity.

Idea, script, directors: Pavel Andreev, Oksana Andreeva
Composer, Performer: Pavel Andreev "Music of Spheres"
Director of photography: Mikhail Proskalov Installation: Pavel Andreev, Mikhail Proskalov Place of filming: Republic of Karelia, Kirjvalahti settlement, Mountain of Composers.

Sponsor of the project: Natalia Murashova and her online school Maternity Formula. Natalia is a psychologist who helps women with infertility.

A big thank you for supporting our project!