Creation of the music video where the pianist plays the royal instrument as if he drives a car, and drives a luxury car as if he plays the grand piano.

Surrounded by the Nature perfection.
My name is Pavel Andreev. I am a composer and a pianist from Russia.
I express my love to the World through the art.
Royal on mountain. Music spheres
Royal in canyon. Awakening
Royal on garbage. Breath of the Planet
Royal in canyon. Return
My experience: creation of the music videos Royal on Freedom
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In the new music video I'm inspired by creative technology sophistication. Love of details, patient work on masterpiece. The fact that technologies help people express themselves, enjoy themselves greatly and experience unforgettable emotions empowers a lot.

Nature. The pianist playing the grand piano as well as driving the car.
Shots come one after another showing the details of creative breakthroughs, the beauty of Nature, music, revealing the close relationship of a Human being and Art.

The music video can inspire people to create their music, technologies, art and life.

огий. Технологии должны служить
Stages of the music video creation

Writing the screen story
Transfer to Germany
Scenery selection
Shot-by-shot beakdown
Car test-drives
Prearranged stunts Grand piano
Sound/Video recording in studio/on the stage
Car driving video recording
Grand piano transportation to the outside and back
Film editing
We need

Shooting equipment
Sound Director
Sound recording equipment
Concert grand piano Bechstein
Studio / stage
Porsche Exclusive Series
Test drives
Transportation of the piano to Nature and back
Transfer to Germany

Pavel Andreev
Visual aids: a tool of persuasion