Pavel Andreev was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the age of 4 years Pavel began his musical career at the Okhta Center for Aesthetic Education in the piano class of Bystrova Galina Andreevna. For 10 years, various contests and concerts were held.

· International Competition. Rakhmaninov, 2001 - diploma;
· International competition in Bulgaria "Hopes, talents, masters", 2002 - diploma;
· Regional competition. Rakhmaninov, 2002 - diploma;
· 2 prize for the Third Regional Competition. Stravinsky, 2002.
· Diploma at the International Contest "The Constellation of Talents" for the awarding of the most gifted children "The Star of Academician Dmitry Sergeevich Likhachev";

In 2007, Pavel graduated from the Musical College. Rimsky-Korsakov. Class piano: Grudinova Eleonora Nikolaevna.

· 2nd Prize at the International Competition in Kiev "The Art of the XXI Century", 2004;
· Recital for the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mozart, the Jose Carreras Foundation - Passau, Germany, 2006;
· 1 prize, in the nomination "Chamber ensemble" + special award named after TA. Gaidamovich, 2007. The international competition. Yudina

In 2012, the project "Sky Breath" was created, a duet of two pianists composers Pavel Andreev and Dmitry Myachin. Performances of author's music and improvisation followed. In 2016 the project was completed.

In 2017, Pavel co-created with his wife Oksana Andreeva created a project #royalincanyon that won more than 1 million views on the Internet and attracted public attention. Video clip opened a new direction of Paul's creativity, based on the unity of Man, Nature and Creativity. About project Awakening

In 2018 there is a new clip #royalmountain. And shooting in new places of Nature is planned.

From the same year, Pavel Andreev started his solo career as a composer, performer.