Ruskeala in New York

Since February, together with 5 composers from different countries, we have been creating a musical composition of 5 parts. My part is dedicated to the Ruskeala Marble Canyon.

Musicians from America will perform at Hudson River Park and National Opera Center's Marc A. Scorca Hall.

Join us, August 27th and 28th for an ode to the planet's lakes, rivers and seas. This world premier was written by five young composers from around the world, each inspired by the their native body of water. Today, these incredible sites of natural heritage are facing the dire effects of climate change. Journey from the sacred banks of Lake Baikal, to the rushing Drina of the Balkans, to the sands of the drying Aral Sea, all the way to our own Hudson River, uniting East and West with a message of ecological solidarity. This concert is organized in partnership with the World Aral Region Charity, a non-profit organization dedicated to ecological activism in Eurasia. Learn more at