Pushkin is our everything!
An evening dedicated to the work of A.S. Pushkin took place in Moscow at the modern Electro Stanislavsky Theater.
The evening took place in an interesting format - "For three". The musician tunes, harmonizes, the historian immerses in the era, and the reader conveys the author's creativity.
Nikolai Svanidze immersed us in history at a time when Pushkin was creating his Little Tragedies.
It is interesting that in tragedies, Pushkin described his life experience, his experiences.
Mikhail Politseimako has splendidly read The Covetous Knight, Mozart and Salieri, The Stone Guest.
I filled the evening with music, performed a new composition "Dance of Life", "Dream Melody", "Order and Chaos" and "Awakening".
Until next time in Moscow!)