Pavel Andreev

Pavel Andreev

Pavel Andreev is a composer, pianist, laureate of international music competitions, winner of awards in the field of culture and art.

Pavel performs his music in concert halls and unusual places, raising in this way concerning him issues of Man, Nature, Creativity and their interaction.

Large-scale projects, united by the name Royal on Freedom, which he carries out together with his wife Oksana Andreeva-Petrova, affect listeners all over the world: in Russia, America, Europe and Asia.

"In a fast, technological world, it is very important to listen to the voice of the heart, connect with nature, return to yourself, hear the music of your Soul." Pavel Andreev

"New time opens up a new outlook on life, on man and nature.
World events push a person to listen more and more to his inner world, to the needs of his soul, to open his heart… To move into a new and unknown, discover the flow of your creativity on Earth.
" Pavel Andreev.

    Royal on Freedom